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As from 1st October 2010 in all Israeli ports the new port tariff  come into force, with significant changes in cost for cargo & vessel as well .
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Chartering & Brokerage

Since 2012 our chartering and brokerage activity is managed by Messrs. A.M. Shipbrokers & Marine Surveyors.
A.M. Shipbrokers & Marine Surveyors are engaged in the Dry-cargo sector as Ship and Cargo broker. A.M. Shipbrokers & Marine Surveyors are active on worldwide basis on behalf of an extensive group of Charterer and Shipowners. A.M. Shipbrokers & Marine Surveyors provide a deep knowledge and experience to our clients. A.M. Shipbrokers & Marine Surveyors follow strict rules of ethics and give a complete service, which includes market appraisal, accurate and skillful negotiating techniques and reliable attention to post fixture matters.

A.M. Shipbrokers & Marine Surveyors maintain close contacts with the worldwide trade community. With their contacts to first class ship owners and managers worldwide, A.M. Shipbrokers & Marine Surveyors can cover needs of tonnage from vessels of 2000 dwt size for our regional trade up-to panamax tonnage on worldwide basis. Furthermore they are deeply involved in the parcelling on worldwide basis. A.M. Shipbrokers & Marine Surveyors team handle the chartering of all types of vessels in the dry cargo sector, including, multi-purpose vessels, Bulkcarriers, Ro/Ro, Heavy-lift vessel and loggers.



Tel.: + 972 4 8340074
Fax: + 972 4 8591515
Email: fix@shipbroker.co.il

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